Who is Leave 99?

Since our ministry began in 2000, we've always been focused on one thing; bringing people to Jesus. 

The band is made up of Jeff Barker, Spencer Owens, Grant Barker, and Prentice Tyndall. If you come see us live, you'll probably meet our driver, Stewart Paramore.

Why do we do what we do?

We are driven by the sacrifice Jesus paid, resulting in the salvation for those that accept Him, and walk with Him. The great commission leads us to go out and witness to others, and we're honored to do it. 

What about "Men of Faith"?

If you've heard us in the past, you might remember us under the name "Men of Faith". We love the meaning behind the name, but had to move on for a few reasons. First, we never had the trademark for the name, and it created some confusion when people searched for us. Second, with so many group member changes through the years, it created some disappointment when people expected to see a former group member at a live concert. With this core lineup, we felt the timing was right to change the name. While it was bittersweet retiring the name "Men of Faith", we are excited about the future. 

Why "Leave 99"?

We chose the name as it really resonates with our mission. The Bible talks about the shepherd leaving the 99 sheep for the one that is lost. We've all been that one lost sheep at some point, and our ministry hopes to find and witness to those individuals. What a message!

(Matthew 18:22)